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Photo: Spooky Little Halloween


The Samhain Society is a group of Halloween and horror bloggers and vloggers working together to grow our followings and the Halloween blogging community. Together we ask and answer each other’s blogging/video questions, receive feedback on our work, share each other’s latest posts/videos and, most of all, share our love of Halloween, horror and all things spooky!
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Meet the Current Members of The Samhain Society:

All Hallows Haunts
All Hallows Geek
Batty Wampus
Bunch of Hocus Pocus
The Haunted Housewife
The Midnight Jamboree
Midnite Spookshow
Mr. and Mrs. Halloween
The Necro Nom-nom-nom-icon
Odd Things I’ve Seen
Shivers of Delight
Spirits & Spellbooks
Spooky Little Halloween
The Spooky Vegan
Things To Do in Salem
A Vintage Halloween
Member list last updated Dec. 20, 2017

How to Join The Samhain Society

The Samhain Society is open to anyone with a Halloween/horror-themed blog or vlog, such as a YouTube channel. This group is best suited for individuals or teams who regularly update their sites/channels throughout the year.
Request to join our private Facebook group below – be sure to include a link to your site or channel. This is required for approval.

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