About the Blog

Spirits & Spellbooks is the place where my love for New England and witchcraft meet. I feel as though the two almost go hand-in-hand since Massachusetts (my home state) has a deep rooted connection to witchcraft. 

I want to shed light onto Paganism and Witchcraft, to give people a better understanding of what modern Witchcraft is, and what it is not. To me and many others, it’s about communing with nature and learning to utilize what nature provides in both a spiritual and healing way. 


The spirits portion of the blog focuses on the history and hauntings of various locations across New England. I share places that I’ve personally visited, and ones that I feel are bucket-list worthy. I also share eerie folktales and lore from around the region. Each state has it’s own spooky “local legends”, and I’m always eager to learn more about them!

* If you live in one of the six New England states and have a local historic/haunted location, legend, or folktale you’d like to suggest, visit the contact page and use the form to submit one! I’ll gladly look into it. If I can dig up enough info, I might just write a post about it! 

That being said, not every place I write about will be haunted. Sometimes I simply like to share an interesting, historic location  – but I’ll be sure to include claims if there are any 😉



The spellbooks portion of the blog will be all about endeavors in Paganism and Witchcraft. I wanted to create a space where new and experienced witches alike could come to share advice, tips, and support. I hope it goes without saying, that this is a 100% judgement-free community. I will not judge you for how you choose to practice your craft, and will not tolerate anyone passing judgement either.

“An it harm none, do as thou wilt”


As I said before, I feel witchcraft is about communing with nature and learning to utilize what it provides in a spiritual and healing manner. Under the “Apothecary” category, you can find ways to use herbs, flora, essential oils, and other natural ingredients for ritual or physical means. Under the “Spiritual” category, you can find ways to deepen your spiritual connection to nature and incorporate spirituality into everyday life.

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– Amber