About Amber


Nice to meet you! As you may already know, I’m Amber. I’m a homegrown New England girl, blogger, & self-proclaimed witchy woman. I’m 21, with an old soul.

I grew up and currently reside in Western Massachusetts, surrounded by natural beauty and an area rich in history…which I’ve always taken great interest in. There’s a certain inexplicable feeling I get when I step onto the creaky floorboards of a historic home (especially if it’s one that’s rumored to have spirits still lingering inside it), or when I’m told a spooky regional folktale or legend. It sparks the childlike curiosity in me, and the eagerness to learn more.

Those near and dear to me know I love our Autumn’s here in the Northeast, Halloween, and Witchcraft. In my downtime you can usually find me mixing herbs, oils, listening to Stevie Nicks, or watching Practical Magic for the thousandth time 😉


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