My First Haul! | First Glimpse of Halloween at Joann’s & Michael’s

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only was it my 21st birthday last Thursday, but stores have begun displaying this season’s Halloween goodies. As a birthday gift to myself, I went to Joann’s and Michael’s to scour what’s been put out so far. Read on to find out what I picked up!

So let’s start with an overview of Joann’s.

When I first walked in, right up front were all the Fall & harvest themed items. They had a wide selection of various pumpkins, yard stakes, door hangings, and more. But that’s not why I came! As for Halloween items, they didn’t have much out. They had one small display of Maker’s brand lights right up front. Turning the corner, I found these:



Maker’s brand Halloween Soaps


Maker’s brand Stoneware Jack-o-lantern Tealight Holders


The Boneyard Halloween Collection

As you can see, not much out yet. Given it is only July but I was hoping for more from Joanns! Additionally, most of what they did have displayed was a bit on the pricey side in my opinion. I actually wanted to purchase some of the soap dispensers thinking that they were glass…but nope…they were plastic and overpriced. No thank you! Anyway, here’s what I ended up purchasing from Joann’s:



Onto Michael’s!

Upon walking into Michael’s, I immediately spotted pumpkins and brightly-colored foliage lurking in the back-left corner along with a sign that read “Harvest”. I knew if there were Fall items out…that had to mean there at least a few Halloween items too. To my surprise, they had an entire aisle fully stocked with creepy portraits, gravestones, bats, skeletons, spider webs, and more *swoon*. Check it out:



Has anyone noticed a common theme this year with the animal skeletons?



Skulls galore!



 Super cute notepads


Not too far from the this aisle was a display that had lighted items such as spooky trees, pumpkin lanterns, string lights, and the Lemax® Spooky Town .



After drooling over all the items that were out of my spending budget, I went on the hunt for Halloween themed baking supplies. Unfortunately they didn’t have any yet, but what I did find was even better:


$3 Large jar fall candles? Hell yes!


So between Joann’s and Michael’s, Michael’s definitely has the better selection at the moment. I was really happy with what I found, even though I didn’t get much. The prices were great and Michael’s always has great coupons as well. I saved about $10 on my entire purchase. I will certainly check back again in a month or two to see what new goodies they have! Here’s what I ended up getting from Michael’s:


No…I couldn’t wait to burn the candles lol they smell amazing for being only $3!



As I mentioned on my Instagram, this year I am looking to do a theme. Going with themed-decor I find helps me buy only what I need, versus everything I see. As you might know, it’s unfortunately easy to go overboard. This year I’ve decided to go with a dark victorian/gothic theme. Very Edgar Allan Poe or Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

I’m on the hunt for items with crows/ravens, victorian era portraits or plaques, more candelabras, skulls, and lots of black lace. We’ll see what I can find in the coming months! Let me know if you spot anything either through here, or on social media 😉


Happy shopping!

- Amber


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