Three Easy Halloween Cupcake Designs

Baking has to be one of my favorite things to do, not only around Halloween but all year-round. With that being said, I find baking Halloween treats is especially fun. Here are three easy cupcake design ideas I tested from Pinterest that will be perfect for your Halloween spread this year. All of these can be made from scratch or, using store bought mix/frosting 🙂

* For the Jack Skellington and the orange Oreo cupcake, I used my Simple Chocolate Cupcakes + Vanilla Buttercream recipe. For Jack, I placed a whole oreo at the bottom of the cupcake liner before filling them with batter. For the orange cupcake, I opted for crushed Oreos on top to give it some contrast. For the candy corn cupcake, I used the same vanilla buttercream recipe, but with Spiced Chai Tea Cupcakes instead.

As I stated,if you’re short on time these can all be achieved using your favorite store bought cake mix and frosting as well. For Jack, simply get a small tube of black decorating gel to make his face and you’re good to go. For the others, you may need a piping bag and tip of your choice. However, a zip-loc bag works just fine 🙂 Most grocery stores carry standard piping tips as well.

  1. Candy Corn

2. Orange & Black Oreo

3. Jack Skellington Face

I had a lot of fun making these, they were all very easy and turned out great!

What are your Halloween plans this year? 🙂




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